Trade4asia|Hardev Residency and PG

About us

We're determined to win this fight against COVID-19. That's why, with a comprehensive list of preventive measures, we're keeping our residences safe from COVID-19. And will continue to be so even in the post lockdown world.

Your deeply sanitised room will have all the furniture and facilities you need for a comfortable stay. You see, we believe that your chair shouldn't multitask as a clothes rack. And your bed is not meant to be a study table.

We know that for you, cooking is a struggle, washing clothes is a battle, and cleaning your room is a full-fledged war. In your second home, we take them off your hands while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.

From musical nights to sweating it out at the fitness zone, the fun should never stop. While we are strictly following social-distancing practice in our residences, our community programmes continue to bring residents closer.