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Mobile Signal Enhancer Accessories Kit Tri Band 2G 3G 4G LTE 900.1800.2100 for Home Basement Office Mobile Network Enhancer kit Area Coverage 1600sqft
Kit is designed to boost mobile phone coverage for indoor application by amplifying and re-transmitting the clear and reliable signals.
Frequency Range: 900Mhz,1800Mhz,2100Mhz
Power Supply: AC 00/220V  50/ 60 DC 12V/2AMP

key Features

CCTV Camera Delhi offers solutions for a spectrum of industries. Our solutions deliver comprehensive coverage for effective and efficient security.


Get our CCTV system installed at your home and prevent any undesired burglars attempting to enter your property without your consent.


With our fully featured CCTV installation services, we strive to eliminate the workforce violence in order to create a safe working environment.


It is a high time to enable a reliable surveillance system in banking and financial institutions in order to prevent them against vulnerabilities.


The demand of campus security is increasing enormously in order to establish a safe and sound learning environment.

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