Sukh interiors

About Us

Interior design has always been my passion, and I am looking for the right institution to help my reach my dreams and fulfill my goals. I have always know that I wanted to be an interior designer because it came naturally to me. When I walk into a room. I immediately begin evaluating it for color schemes, coordination of shapes, and everything that determines the interior design of a space. I know that I can be a positive force at your institution because I have the drive and passion to succeed in this field. I believe that I have ideas and abilities, but I also know that there is lot to learn on the subject. My long-goal is to one day manage my own design firm, but for now I want to take my time and learn the intricacies of the profession. I know I have what it takes to succeed at your institution, and if I am given the chance I will work extremely hard to justify my spot at your prestigious organization.