Keramos Tile & Stone Pvt. Ltd

About Us

Established in 1981, KERAMOS, began as a small tile design studio for hand painted tiles. Over the years, the studio has introduced a large array of designer interior and architectural finishes such as ceramic tiles, stone products, roman mosaics, clay pavers, glass, mirror, stainless steel, pebble, metal, contemporary cladding terrazzo, polished mosaic etc.All designs are hand crafted and hand decorated, by craftsmen, potteries, small handicraft workshops, and artisan studios. All products are designed by the KERAMOS design team and all the production is closely monitored and supervised. Strict quality control ensures customer satisfaction and repeat orders.Moreover, the latest addition to the KERAMOS design range are the new and innovative products like Yamu Sandwash, Domus Concrete Floors and Loft Polished Cement Surfaces which offer unique and durable options. These products utilize imported raw materials and are installed by authorized installers, under KERAMOS supervision.The common theme that has run through all Keramos lines has been the distinctiveness of creativity and design, along with unsurpassed quality. The designs have been inspired by our travels to various places. In our materials and designs you will find influences from diverse places such as Morocco, Turkey, Bali, Italy, Spain, Portugal, USA, Thailand, Cambodia and naturally, India.The KERAMOS TILEDEPOT range are factory made tiles, consisting of floor, wall and industrial tiles. These are specially sourced from the best manufacturing companies, distributors and importers.All designs have code numbers, names for easy selection and ordering. Our showroom offers complete guidance to customers regarding designs, selection, prices, area coverage, packing, dispatch etc.By frequently extending and adding to our design collections, we aim to give you plenty of choice, in both style and price, to help you create your perfect home. We hope you find the ideal designs for your interior and exterior spaces, whatever it may be.