Ibec décor

About Us

Ibec décor has been a well-established name in interior design offering classic and contemporary solutions in residential and commercial designs for over 40 years. We customize interior design solutions for homes, commercial spaces, lives spaces as well as individual requirements, crafted by the finest craftsmen who have been in this business for decades. Our professional team comes with unmatched experience that can offer you creative and bespoke solutions, taking care of your project from design concept to completion with the highest attention to detail. Ibec décor not only provides you with creative solutions for your home and office but also modern furniture, flooring, soft furnishings, blinds, curtains, mood lighting, security systems and much more. All our furniture is hand crafted in-house using traditional techniques that tailor individual styles paying attention to the finer details making every piece of furniture stand apart from the rest. Going a step further we are the only recognized dealer that offers a distinctive collection of clocks ranging from jewel-quality mantle pieces to elegant and sonorous grandfather clocks. Each is lustrous, housed in exquisitely detailed and finely proportioned cabinetry, matched to brass pendulums and sturdy mechanicals to produce rich and pleasing chimes designed for every clock lover. At Ibec, we believe that the key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space.