Elements Design studio

About Us

We started our practice in 2008, but it was through the practice and realization of what we as Architects would like to stand for and contribute towards was when ELEMENTS DESIGN STUDIO, was formalized in 2012.The Vision of the Company is the vision of every Individual in the company - to give a holistic approach to every project in the field of Architecture, Interiors & Sustainability. The design processes is supported by the studio?s International & Holistic approach towards Architecture in terms of Exhaustive & Constant Research, Resolution, Analysis, Reports, Case studies & project discussions on design, functionality, Technology, inventive concepts and sustainability issues. Starting from a sketch of an idea, to stamp size plans, Physical models, parametric exploration & simulations & seeing various layers grow over it, a project is a lab our of love. Every project throughout its lifecycle undergoes multiple layers of planning, design & realization. At EDS take every project through these processes of backwards & forward through various simulations, case studies, exhaustive research, discussions & application. We see various faculties of Architecture, Planning, Engineering, Management and Finance as not individual components but as various expertise/ sciences needed to manifest a project. The influx of these sciences is fluid at multiple levels, stages times & sequence. We explore Programme, Design Concepts, Technology, and Engineering Issues, Project cycle, Sustainable & Green Architecture, Deliverance and supervision.