Bhardwaj designs

About Us

We are a young and motivated (and steadily greying) agglomeration of people who desire to practice good architecture. In the process we aspire slowly to make a mark amongst the well established firms in the profession. But, NO, it‟s not a rat race for us!! We stop to pause and ponder along the way and our work and growing clientele resonates with the dedication and the exposure that each project brings to our brand. The realm of our design ? We believe that all design spheres are interwoven and work in tandem to create a masterpiece. Having said that, we try and focus on the synergy of architecture, the built and unbuiltenvironment and try to keep the bigger picture in our mind always. A thorough training in Urban Design makes it impossible for us to negate the macro scale in which our miniscule elements thrive. We dwell in many a world of Design including creative arts, sculpture , pottery and photography but our forte‟ remain environments for learning and nurturing ( Institutional ) living environs (housing ) work and business spaces ( commercial) and large spatial networks of all the functional and natural Juxtapositions (master planning/ site planning). In between we like to throw in the human dimension?a people‟s perspective of how often non deliberate spaces best work! We like to create designs on that maximize the positive impact of design on the environment use appropriate technologies & materials and sources labor locally. We welcome new ideas and critique to roll on sans moss! For every design may not be at face value and may have a story? to someone who is interested, we may like to open the book and divulge the context of the thought process and the ?infamous‟ constraints, that led to the finale. Founded and led by AMIT BHARDWAJ , the firm has evolved as a multidisciplinary practice with a rapidly growing market with innovation and out of the box future-forward designs. Design Box team has experience across a wide range of sectors including retail, commercial, leisure, residential, education and health.