About Us

Bencardo offers a wide range of toilet suites and bathroom ware to suit every bathroom featuring timelessly elegant and streamlined design. At Bencardo you will find a comprehensive range of elegant, sophisticated and environmentally friendly products that are perfect for any bathroom. We are a leading player in manufacturing and the supply and distribution of sanitary ware products and accessories. We are committed to ensure exceptionally high quality, adaptability and perfection in all our products. Our name has become synonymous with advancement of bathroom culture since inception in 2003. We are proud to cater to erudite customers demanding more luxurious, delightful and pleasing bathroom experience. Our aim is to elevate the bathroom experience from merely functional to restorative and meditative one. At Bencardo, we set a very high quality standard to satisfy an ever increasing expectation of our customers. We aim to provide value to our broad cross section of customers as well as deliver different design style options to ensure all customer preferences are met. The clean, elegant, functional and timeless Bencardo ranges of fixtures and fittings include basins, toilets, urinals, bathroom vanities and baths. Designed to harmonise the needs of hygiene with aesthetics of enduring simplicity and beauty, the range features fully glazed under and over surfaces for reduced risk of bacteria growth. At Bencardo we take pride in our products and customer support and have dedicated sales, marketing and customer service teams. We have more than 500 persons dedicated team all over the world to look our operation. Bencardo is one of the leading growing Bathware Company with more than USD 200 Million Turnover around the globe which is expected to be double in this F/Y.