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Curtain Laundry

Curtain Laundry

A decent dependable guideline is to clean your blinds, curtains and window hangings like clockwork. Uncovering your sheer window hangings to daylight can make the creases powerless to damage. Ensure that you dry clean your curtains the first run through. Resulting cleaning can be wet or dry clean contingent upon the texture type. Just material, cotton and polyester curtains can be wet cleaned; silk, brocade, tissue curtains are just to be dry cleaned.

Dry cleaning is the best method of cleaning your curtains. In addition to the fact that it refreshes the shading and surface of the texture, it likewise eliminates residue, soil and allergens proficiently. We firmly suggest standard dry cleaning of your curtains each year to drag out the life of the texture. To make your life straightforward we gather your curtains for dry cleaning.

In the event that you need assistance eliminating your curtain, if you don't mind let us know previously at the hour of booking your pickup. Likewise, notice on the off chance that you might want your curtains creased and pressed so as to hang them advantageously. When in doubt, if creases are available, we crease iron the curtains, else level iron them.

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