Xclusive Interiors Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

At Xclusive, we believe that the dialogue between a client and an interior designer must be as intimate as you possibly can, because when you are discussing the contours of a living space, you are actually discussing your dreams. Our designs are our labors of love - poetic, mystifying and inspiring. In addition, Xclusive combines professionalism with warmth and integrity. From conception to execution we remain in tune with them, taking their feedback, brainstorming and collaborating on ideas. Every project is a partnership to us. A team of 10 plus architects and designers strive constantly to create projects that stand out because of the distinct approach towards design, detail and the latest technology. Research is critical to be competitive in an ever-evolving international design market and we understand this imperative. Through this exhaustive process, we are finally able to extract useful insights and a spring of inspiration. We study and examine every design opportunity with child like curiosity and an unbiased open mind. We believe that good design is an outcome of careful study and research, combined with technical know-how and artistic skill. Attention to detail, proportions and scale, together with common sense ensure the finished product develops to its fullest potential.