Vini Industries Limited

About Us

Vini Industries Limited, a New Delhi based company entered into the innovative and challenging field of LED Lighting in 2012. The Company has started its operations under the brand name ?VINI?. We started our journey with the belief in motto of ?Power Saved is Power Generated?. Our strong belief in the motto reflects in punch line ?BIJLEE BACHAYE ROSHNI BADHAYE?. VINI Lights is bringing LED Lighting Solutions for its customers to meet their lighting needs of quality at affordable rates. The fulfillment of our mission is done through providing custom made Lighting Solutions to residential and commercial users. We keep on upgrading our product portfolio with technological advancement bringing in ?innovative? ?effective? style / designs. Vini Lights products are manufactured in state of the art facilities after extensive R&D in the desired field to meet exacting requirment of the customers. The product line includes LED tube, LED Bulb, LED Down Lights, LED Panel, LED Wall Washer, LED Flood Lighting, LED Under Ground Light, LED High Bay Light, LED Street Light, LED Tunnel Light. The products are used widely in Residential Areas, Offices, School, Super Market, Hotels, Airports, Stadiums, Street Lighting and saving power apart from brightening the country. Come and experience the world of LED Lights.