About Us

nakar is a confluence of ??Dream", "Architect" and ?Innovation" realising in a structure that caters as home, institution, complexes, townships etc. The idea of confluence has been derived from a great phenomenon of "Sangam' at Allahabad. Established in 2003, Swapnakar is committed to maintain high values and quality. The non-negotiable attribute of Swapnakar is shaping the dreams of clients to the maximum possible. Although the principles of Architect, Vaastu, Safety and Interior Designing are always been an integrated part of any assignment. After a long journey of more than 12 years, we are now positioned among the leading architectural practitioners. Institutional architecture, residential, educational, commercial, hospitality, leisure and healthcare projects are part of our overall portfolio. Swapnakar is a team of experienced professionals having in-depth understanding of the subject and absolute command over work, which ultimately leaves the clients with ?Zero? queries. We know to manage space, bring comfort and creating appeal in designs within the limits of resources available with clients. The equation between clients' need and luxury is always balanced and satisfied in the architectural solution provided by Swapnakar. Share your dreams, Swapnakar will realize them on mother earth.