Sudhir Pawar and Associates

About Us

Sudhir Pawar Was Born In 1973 Mumbai ?India? And Done His Degree From Italy Milan.During The Period Of Radical & Experimental Interior Designing He Was Prominent In Innovative Concept. Sudhir Pawar Has Designed Furniture For Most Known Italian Product Company.For Accenture, Masion Martine Marilela (MMM), IRSAP, Rapsal, Mogg. For These Companies He Developed Experimental Designs & Product For Basine, Lamp, Office Interior,Trolley Etc . He Designed And Re-Innovates Office,Shops,Residence,In India, London, Milan And Nepal. In 2001 He Started His Interior Designer Practice In 2013 Also He Started Product Designing & Established A Company.Trying To Introduce Technical Aesthetic And Environmental Designs.