About Us

Your home should tell the story of who you are and what you love... Nate Berkus We at SPACE FACTORY are here to assist you write that beautiful story with help of our able designers, skilled technicians , professionals with YOU as our active design partner in the team Our organization has dynamic designers and dedicated technicians with an eye for art and architecture. We specialize in everything from kitchen interior designs.. false ceilings..wooden flooring.. green design ideas.. wall coverings.. bathroom designs and much more...... Our modular interiors are crafted with utmost care and premium materials with induced beauty, creativity, and long lasting designs. We go beyond the selection of color palettes and furnishing.... We plan the space, design it , develop and execute it in co-ordination with our highly skilled team, in time... within the cost plan... We enhance the building value to achieve a more healthier and pleasing environment Quality without compromise and transparency in our dealings is above all No ' I know it best talks ' --- We respect your opinions and will do everything to ensure that the room smiles and you see fantasy when you enter inside home We could be the right resource for your dream home to come true... Say Hello..NOW!!!!