Prakash Furnishers

About Us

At Prakash Furnishers, we have an extraordinary and unique depth of knowledge and expertise. Our motivation is not to 'close the sale' but to give you the best, impartial advice so you can make an informed and considered choice - afterall choosing yourself is fun. We have highly productive and creative employees who strive together as a team to deliver home and office furnishings with a focus on Cost, Style, Value, and a Level of service excellence and perfection that literally astounds our customers. We aim to provide products that excel in quality & durability. We offer unique products developed in an exceptionally stylish and distinct way. We provide furniture with a revolutionary design, international standard & outstanding performance that is unquestionable. Prakash Furnishers, offers a wide range of well designed reliable products at prices low so that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. We aim to revolutionize the furniture industry with Prakash Furnishers, as a unique and exclusive brand.