Photronix LED Lights Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

Photronix LED Lights specializes in supplying high quality LED lighting with an aim of bringing green revolutionary and lighting solutions for future India. Photronix LED Lights combines the innovation in energy saving field and environment friendly. We ensure the quality of the products, all the products supplied in India are in compliance with international standards of quality and are also made as per Indian requirements. Over the years, PhotronixLED Lights Pvt. Ltd. is applying ?Kaizen? in each and every area of Products & Services to suit conditions and meet customers expectations. With its Experience over the past many years, PhotronixLED Lights Pvt. Ltd. Today has LED Lighting solutions for an entire range of functional lighting applications including Commercial Lighting, Office Lighting, Home Lighting, Show Window Lighting, Cove Lighting, Indoor Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Landscape Lighting, Underwater Lighting, Garden Lighting, Facade Lighting, Street Lighting, Hospital Industry Lighting, Hotel Industry Lighting, Shopping Mall Lighting, Showroom Lighting, MNC Lighting etc. with 5 Years of Manufacturing Warranty.