Oralee Power Industries Pvt. Ltd

About Us

Oralee Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. was established in year 2016 by our dynamic leaders Rashmi Patil & Gajanand Patil. Both our leaders have vast experience with a robust knowledge in designing and execution of Electrical projects across all different segments Commercial, Industrial and Residential. Our team at Oralee Lights is committed to serving clients with superior quality products, all our endeavour and dedication is to provide best service pre & post sales. We Oralee Lights Pvt Ltd is a well known name in both Private and Government sector, Our clients vouch by our name and praise out products and services. What We Do? Oralee Power Industries Pvt. Ltd has highly skilled and efficient team of designers and technical professionals. With our highly skilled and efficient team of designers and technical professionals, we have created premium LED fixtures for use in commercial, industrial and residential spaces. We have successfully manufacture & delivered technologically advanced LED optical solutions to render superior performance and greater durability. Our patronage with the suppliers of raw material gives us an edge to deliver products in tandem with the new launches. Our customers thus are able to enjoy rapid deployment and development of our new and progressive LED fixtures.