NewSpace Architects

About Us

NewSpace Architects is mainly focused to provide a solution to the residential exterior requirement of their clients. NewSpace Architects is one of the top architectural firm in Jhansi and is devoted to make any area you choose a standard area. NewSpace architects has solution to all your problems. The scope of the work done by NewSpace Architects is made crystal clear to the clients by the designs prepared by them, by the management of the project and its proper execution. Initially, NewSpace Architects has started by designing the interior of the corporates but now it has expanded by designing the interior and exterior sectors of Hospitals, Retails, and Residential. Mr. Vijay Kumar in Jhansi dreamt about establishing NewSpace Architect by the his own efforts of and now this company is dedicated to convert the dreams of their clients into reality and is growing day by day by producing quality work for the clients. NewSpace Architects team is comprised of best architects, civil engineers and trained workmen in Jhansi with dedication and commitment to their work. With unimaginable innovative ideas and expertise they can transform any place according to the client expectations. Since they are professionals, they know how to utilize the space provided to them perfectly . NewSpace Architects is committed towards work and ensure completion within the time and specified budget. The trust our clients have been showering on us since years has helped us build a name in this industry. By now we have worked for many national and multinational organizations. A good interior which is fully functional also enhances the confidence of the person working over there. The interiors designed by us are lovely, and you can enjoy doing work there. Type of work is not a constraint for us, we deliver quality. You will surely have something better than you expect. We have the ability to turn even a useless area into a full-fledged corporate office. Trust us once and see the difference.