Luxury World (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

Luxury world is actively engaged in providing pre-eminent architectural and interior designing services to clients for residential and commercial projects. Our organisation comprises of a young and dynamic team of professionals who are expert in their field and engage in architectural and interior designing expanding across multi-disciplinary domains. We at Luxury world cater architectural and interior designs to our clients that are based on the practicability of the site and according to requirements of the client. Since Inception of our formation, we have persistently strived towards enhancing the quality of our services for the betterment of our client?s experience through application of best techniques suited to the given environment. We make a full analysis of site and clients? requirement before discharging our services and what sets us apart is the pure, contemporary and signature designs that we produce to capture the interests and satisfaction of our clients. We cater to clients expanding different domains and disciplines from residential houses, villas, offices, showrooms and commercial spaces as well as hotels and resorts. A fundamental and important aspect of our approach towards designing is forecasting future trends as well as insights for creating effects and the end result that is exceedingly creative, unprecedented and spellbinding