Living Arch

About Us

The main aim of LIVING ARCH is to do research and intensivestudy in the field of Vastu, Astrology & other Vedic Subjects. The main Objective is promotion of Vastu in the aplication of Interior Designign and Town Planing. For this Koscli in Bali, Feng Shui in China, Bau-Biology in west, Geomancy in Egypt, Vintana in Madagascar. Our aim is to bring all five elements of nature "IF WE ARE ONE WITH NATURE WE ARE ONE WITH GOD" Vastu teachers us the way to live in accordance with nature. We are Holding Workshops, seminars, Q & A sessions etc. to increase the awareness of vastu in the country. Earlier in the vadic era it was a part of our lifestyle, we at LIVING ARCH aim to give vastu the same status in the present day society.