About Us

We design homes with a difference that marks our uniqueness and the reason why we are today one of the best Interior designers in calicut. KALHARA ASSOCIATES strive to transform your homes into the most beautiful place on the earth. At KALHARA ASSOCIATES , we began our journey as a team of interior design professionals around 4 years back and within this short span of time we have been labeled as experts in the field. We believe design is not what comes from the brain but it is the heart�s plan and whatever comes from the heart is beautiful and compassionate and so is your home that KALHARA ASSOCIATES will design for you. We take pride to declare that we have already accomplished 300+ projects successfully! These are just numbers but each of the works is masterpieces of the expertise that only KALHARA ASSOCIATES the best Interior design company in calicut can offer. KALHARA ASSOCIATES are not only the best home interior designers but we are also the best office interior designers & modular kitchen designers in calicut. A beautiful living space or commercial space happens when exquisite art collaborates with design that is impeccable and we are experts at blending the two to provide you with what you seek. Our team of home Interior decorators works in close knitted groups with the clients and designs a home of their needs and desire. We know what exactly you are searching for and it is our promise to deliver you with the best and maybe something that is beyond your expectations. At KALHARA ASSOCIATES we effortlessly strategize and plan interior décor ideas that no one has ever seen or heard of and this is what turns in our people to us in search of designs that are unique in all ways. This is why we collaborate with our clients to infuse in their ideas and then customize it to match the modern day contemporary design rules paradigms.