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About Us

Home Interiorz is an initiative venture by the SD Group who also hosts a set of other business enterprises namely SD Builder, Space Decor, SD RealEstate, Hotel Abhinandan, Hotel Millienium, Sumit Sales Corporation, SD Ply, and SD Laminates. Founded in the year 1987, Home Interiorz has consistently grown and established its reputation, mostly through client recommendations. Our team at Home Interiors includes expert interior designers who also come handy as problem solvers. The team at Home Interiors is known for being innovative, passionate, knowledgeable and particular. We place great significance on our friendly and professional approach and hold communication as imperative so that our clients are well informed throughout the project. Our main home interior design services including wallpapers, Kitchen, Wardrobe, Wooden Furniture, Chimneys, PVC Wall panels, False Ceiling, Customized Wooden Products, and Wooden Flooring. At Home Interiorz, we focus in taking a boring living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or any other room of your home that you feel isn?t appeasing enough and turn it into a space that you will love for many years to come. Let our experienced team of interior experts direct you through the interior design and remodeling procedure to make sure that your project ends up looking great with you not worrying about it at all.