About Us

?Technology has taken a huge leap over the past few decades and Goldtech strongly believes that technology is transforming innovation at its core.? With the launch of Goldtech in 1995, an evolution began in the market of electronic weighing scales. Goldtech introduced latest designs for weighing scales which became benchmark for years to come. Key components like Load Cells that were imported before, soon found its manufacturing grounds in India. Our company?s main emphasis was on innovation and customization as per market requirements. Technological developments adjoined with techno-savvy in-house designs paved the way for future developments. We are innovators, our gamut of products helps people and businesses grow at every stage. At present, we have a complete range of electronic weighing scales, that we have manufactured keeping in mind the standards set by the Weights & Measures Departments. From the selection stage to final assembly, we design every product efficiently. Goldtech has further diversified itself in the technology of the era, ?LED lighting?. Through our pioneering lighting products, we are promoting and supporting ?Save-Energy? drive. With our in-depth knowledge of technical designs, our ?Lighting Product? is playing a major role in the Indian market. In Goldtech, the hard-core technocrats have created some other tech-friendly products like Taxi meters, Load cells, LED displays, truck scales, tracking GPS to meet every possible need of customers. Our infrastructure is equipped with latest technological machines, i.e. SMT, CNC, Injection Molding, Hydraulic Power Press, Break-press , Shearing machines to name a few. We also consider affordability a key factor, we cut costs wherever possible in order to pass the savings on to our valuable customers. That?s why we call ourselves ?innovators?. With Goldtech- be a part of modernization!!!