Design Oriented Techniques

About Us

Architects have a major role to play in the metamorphosis of our nation into a Proud, Developed and Vibrant nation. Design Oriented Techniques is a team of architects working together to meet the challenges of the new emerging India. Founded and run by B.I.T. ians. Started Architectural Practice straight out of college, the esteemed Birla Institute Of Technology, Ranchi. They worked in Delhi for two years then came back to Ranchi to serve the state with new ideas and thoughts. Over a period of time the firm has considerably widened its scope of activities and for this purpose organised an efficient multi-disciplinary team. The aim has been to establish an organisation that can carry out large and complex building and planning projects and at the same time maintain a high levelof Technical and Professional competence. Design Oriented Techniques( DOT ) today takes pride in having ssome of the most prestigious projects in the State and doing some conservation projects with INTACH.