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False ceilings are often known as drop ceilings as they are literally dropped or hung from the main ceiling. The drop ceiling or false ceiling is more trendy these days. You can often see the different false ceiling types in your homes, offices, shopping complexes, restaurants, theatres, etc. These are generally the second ceiling hanged below the main structural ceiling! The area above the drop ceiling or false ceiling is called the plenum space, as it is sometimes used for HVAC air return. This space is commonly used to connect piping, wiring & the duct in homes, offices & at other places. Basically, the drop ceiling helps to cool the room when the height of the room or hall is too much. By using false ceiling you can also reduce the height. It also helps in reducing the capacity of the air-conditioner. Covering the upper area also have the multiple advantages such as getting space for air-conditioner ducts, concealed wiring, fixing light frames, security cameras, fire sprinklers & other fixtures. It also gives beautiful texture to the ceiling & provides the base for all kind of decorative electric lights & fans. The false or drop ceiling is a good illustration of contemporary architecture & construction in both residential & commercial applications! False ceiling types can be differentiated in several ways according to their types, applications, material utilized & appearance and visibility