Allegra Designs

About Us

Allegra Designs is an interior designiners in Kochi that has been transforming residential and official spaces since the last 2 decades. Being a powerhouse of erudite minds and talented hands that have the knack of spotting the right place for the right things; we take pride in having designed and delivered homes and offices that speak of elegance; exude charm and emanate positive vibes to the people associated with them. In the times where technology is changing with every breath, we keep ourselves updated at all times. From cumbersome sheets to the computers and from exhausting drawing tools to the sleek automated design tools ? our way of working has always been on wheels with the time and tide. 2D, 3D designs to help you understand your spaces in a better manner; customized interior designs as per your wishes and the deliverables that exceed your expectations but not the budget ? Allegra Designs is a magician that creates magical spaces worth every single paisa you invest.