Ajanta India Limited

About Us

Ajanta India Limited is a trust-worthy brand which has built its name through years of dedication and hard work. In its steadfast approach to nearly fifty years of service, Ajanta has continuously led the market by converting science and technology into consumer-friendly products, offering one breakthrough after another. Ajanta Hogs the Limelight with its LED Lighting Products Ajanta India Limited has introduced LED lighting range of products to improve the world we live in through sustainable and energy efficient lighting technologies. It has been in the forefront of creating a world which is safe, productive and environment-friendly through illumination. Ajanta offers a diverse range of LED products that suit virtually all the domestic and industrial world. Ajanta Encourages Distributorship for Better Customer Service With such a wide span of industrial experience, Ajanta India Limited has an extensive network of support staff and distributor partners that have been the backbone of solid and exponential growth. For Ajanta, the sole motive has always been offering products to customers that spell class and reliability. It is this fortitude that has guided the company to create networks that deliver data-driven insights while prioritizing safety and productivity of the facilities.