About Us

Thriam Industries was incorporated in the year 1989, a company focused in the manufacturing of switchgear products for OEM's. The organization later expanded to form a group of companies. Thriam Group has evolved in the last two decades as a leading manufacturer of switchgear products and has attained a formidable reputation. Today, Thriam is a sought after name among multi-national giants in the electrical industry. Shifting gears from switchgear manufacturing, we are now part of the national movement ?Made in India? and the area we have chosen for generating electricity by conserving electricity through Thriam LED Lites, a range of products with technological advantage. Thriam has the widest range of Led products. Thriam is well-known for the superior quality in the Electrical Industry, the same world-class Thriam Led products are now going to be standard for residential, commercial and industrial application. Thriam LED Lites is an ISO 9001-2000 company and our new-generation energy-saving products are user-friendly and have a long life of up to 20 years, that are capable of saving power upto 86% compared to existing lights. Adopt Thriam LED ! Relight your life.