Led bulb

Led bulb

Product Details:

Name:Led bulb
Category:Lights and Lighting
Sub-Category:Lighting Bulb and Tubes
Nationality:Make In India
Product Price:as per client

Product Description:

Oralee Lights is recognized as the most renowned and differentiated Manufacturer of LED Bulb in India. The quality of our LED Bulbs manufactured by us is significantly standardized and thus, have a long product life. We also take into consideration the specifications detailed by our clients to ensure maximum satisfaction for the customers and complete productivity for the manufacturing process as well. Oralee Power Industries Pvt. Ltd is a well known and reputed Manufacturer of LED Bulb in India. We hold expertise in the designing and execution of Electrical projects across all distinct segments, mainly commercial, industrial and residential. Our main objective is to produce high-value end products for our customers. LED Bulbs are the bulbs that primarily make use of the light emitting diodes, which is basically a type of lighting in the solid state. These LED lights emit a visible amount of light when an electric current is passed through the product. These bulbs show different characteristics when compared with fluorescent or incandescent lighting that is normally used.

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