Tea Table/ Baby Desk

Tea Table/ Baby Desk

Product Details:

Name:Tea Table/ Baby Desk
Sub-Category:Home Furniture
Nationality:Make In India
Product Price:as per client

Product Description:

Butt in chair and hands clapping, kids rocked and rocked and forget weeping. It has now become possible as you can present young champs with a cute & perfect combination of plastic molded baby chair and baby desk available in solid yet refreshing colors of orange, red, green and yellow with their favorite cartoons embossed in it. Baby chair not only gives immense fun to the toddlers but also ergonomically soothes their back and neck and makes them quite comfortable. Their ideal characteristics of being light in weight, durable, worthy and sturdy makes baby chair to be used at various places like schools, play areas, homes etc. effectively. During travels, kids can also carry their chairs casually with them for their ease. Baby desk could be your kid?s cutest possession. This little furniture is a perfect piece for their room and adds an item for their play and study area. A child can easily place their toys, books and feeding stuff on this little masterpiece and can use this desk for multi uses effectively.

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