New Zealand Pine Wood manufacturers delhi

New Zealand Pine Wood manufacturers delhi

Product Details:

Name:New Zealand Pine Wood manufacturers delhi
Category:Construction and Decoration
Nationality:Make In India
Product Price:as per requirement

Product Description:

New Zealand Pine Wood is a sturdy wood used for developing moldings, furniture, trim and paneling. This is a highly popular type of wood available with resistant to insect attacks. It is also stay protected from moisture, hence it is widely used to design furniture and the framing. This can be easily processed, finished, dried and treated. In addition to this, it can be stained and coated easily, therefore it is utilized in combination with a variety of structural adhesives. New Zealand Pine Wood is stain protected and it is compatible with different sorts of glues. Its thermally treated version is suitable for outdoor usage purpose. Features This wood is known for its good machining attributes. It can be nailed, cut and glued easily. This timber has 10 to 12% moisture content. Termite proof, useful for designing furniture, reasonable price, sturdiness

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