Canadian Pine Wood manufacturers Delhi

Canadian Pine Wood manufacturers Delhi

Product Details:

Name:Canadian Pine Wood manufacturers Delhi
Category:Construction and Decoration
Nationality:Make In India
Product Price:as per requirement

Product Description:

This durable and sturdy Canadian Pine Wood is widely used for different purposes from the manufacturing of structural prefabricated cottages, furniture to flush door frames. This is available in natural form with unmatched texture and design to enhance the looks of the finished goods. It is used in its original light to darker colors to give a unique look to hardwoods. With excellent nail holding properties, resistance to splitting and excellent staining properties, it provides the best performance. Canadian Pine Wood is acknowledged for its accurate diameter and it can be shaped or cut easily. This type of timber is compatible with different adhesives and paints. Moreover, it can resist insects and decay. Features Drying of this timber helps to enhance its surface finishing properties, thermal attributes and stability of dimension. Can be bonded easily under different temperature levels Light in weight and uniform texture Perfect for sculptors

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